The nemesis of mold and mildew re-mediators is the final inspection and sampling of the Industrial Hygienists who check their final mold and mildew clean up.  How many times has a conscience re-mediator went through the detailed process of setting up a containment area and doing a complete cleaning involving hours of work, only to find that they did not pass the final testing by the Industrial Hygienists!  Ouch!  Here we go again and there goes our profits.

No more with Just Gone Sanitizing & Deodorizing System™! With our incredible service you no longer have to build expensive containment areas, your employees will not have to wear expensive and uncomfortable gear, and you will NEVER fail a final test by an Industrial Hygienists.  After properly using Just Gone Sanitation & Deodorizing Systems™, your final test results will no doubt be LOWER than ambient readings.

Using our system, all mold and mildew spores in the structure will not be reduced, but be ELIMINATED, completely.  This includes all exposed surfaces, duct work, ceilings, and yes, even contents.

Can you imagine what this can do for your mold and mildew remediation business?

Contact us now to see how you can share in benefiting from this incredible product and service!