Nontoxic, Long-Lasting Antimicrobial Protection

Day and night, we battle an invisible enemy: GERMS. Everywhere we go, everything we touch, the enemy is waiting for us.

The tools we have to address this relentless adversary are inadequate and temporary at best. What’s more, germs mutate and become resistant to the poisons used to combat them, causing manufacturers to constantly increase chemical concentrations just to keep up. Ultimately, this is not good for us or our environment.

Now, there is a better solution: Zoono — the safe, long-lasting antimicrobial that kills germs in a whole new way.

Zoono physically kills germs rather than poisoning or dehydrating them. Made from the most basic of raw organic compounds, Zoono is a nontoxic*, water-based solution that provides a protective nanomolecular layer of “pins” which destroy microbes on contact. Virtually odorless and colorless, Zoono forms an invisible shield that protects you from a broad spectrum of harmful microorganisms including bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses.

Unlike traditional disinfectants that work only while they are wet and lose effectiveness as they evaporate, Zoono starts to work immediately and becomes more effective once it dries, leaving a micro-thin coating that can last up to 30 days on a surface and up to 24 hours on skin.

To learn more about Just Gone Systems process and Zoono, call us today.

*The active ingredient in Zoono has the relative toxicity of Vitamin C as measured on an LD50 basis. We consider something that is less toxic than an oral nutritional supplement to be non-toxic.

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