Our CLO2 Sanitization and Deodorization System is a perfect match for Daycares and Preschools. We clean and protect these essential facilities from outbreaks of viruses and bacterial infections that affected children constantly introduce.

A regular application of our CLO2 Sanitization and Deodorization System breaks the cycle by eliminating all unhealthy organisms. No other product can say that. Our system features an aftercare product that will help control airborne viruses for up to 45 days.

Our system removes harmful germs, bacterial, odors, allergens, and indoor contaminants without leaving any harmful residues. We don’t use harsh toxic chemicals fragrances. Plus, delicate surfaces can be sanitized against germs, allergens, odors, and indoor contaminants in a fraction of the time and with the highest degree of effectiveness. Nothing works as well as our CLO2 Sanitization and Deodorization System… period.

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