Face Mask Mist – 1oz Bottle


Quickly Disinfects Your Face Mask

Uses EPA Approved Ingredients To Kill Viruses, Bacteria, Fungal Spores and More!

Take your virus protection to another level. Fully sanitizes your face mask in under 30 seconds. Product Features:

  • Kills Viruses, Bacteria and More.
  • Works Instantly. Zero Dwell Time.
  • Fabric Safe. No Bleaching Effect.
  • Safe For Skin. No Irritation.
  • Safe For Use On Mask Filters.
  • Clean Scent. No Harsh Odors.

Directions For Use:
Lay mask flat on a hard surface. Spray mask evenly on both sides.
Wear right away or hang to dry. FaceMask Mist is skin safe and fabric safe.
Spray your mask at least twice per day. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

Purified water, sodium chlorite, ethoxylated alcohols.