Why Should You Use Our Services?

There are many ways to clean, but the most important question is… how safe is your environment?

Most disinfecting companies are using harsh, unsafe chemicals to treat surfaces. These chemicals leave biofilms that pollute indoor air and can be absorbed into the body through contact with those surfaces.

Our products are “Green,” which means they contain no harsh chemicals, which makes them child-safe and pet-friendly.

We thoroughly treat homes, businesses, schools, and more with a safer process that leaves a lasting, healthy environment.

What Is Chlorine Dioxide?

Chlorine dioxide is an EPA approved sanitizer, disinfectant, deodorizer, tuberculocide, algaecide, fungicide, and FDA recognized food additive and preservative. Most people have never heard of Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) or they think its bleach. CLO2 is safe to use and it does not leave toxic residue. Chlorine Dioxide oxygenates products rather than chlorinating them. CLO2 is considered a “friendly” Deodorizer, Sanitizer and Disinfectant.

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Kills Bacteria, Viruses & Spores


Removes Pet & Strong Odors


Eliminates Mold, Mildew & Fungus


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High Tech Ways To Kill Bacteria and Germs

Contamination of high-touch surfaces is accountable for the transmission of pathogens in numerous settings. Its affect is most extreme at school and well being care amenities and is one cause why well being care-associated infections (HAIs) proceed to be such a major problem. Though the variety of HAIs has been steadily lowering in the USA,…

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How Dentists are Using a Pre-Rinse to Slow the Spread of Covid-19

At some point, the COVID-19 pandemic will subside. We are going to return to seeing patients, however there will be a new normal. Things could have changed. There could also be new OSHA rules, or on the very least, we’ll observe the current guidelines far more carefully. One process that won’t change, however, is pre-rinsing. We…

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Durham NC Hazmat Using New Techniques to Decontaminate Gear

Durham Fire-Rescue Hazardous Supplies Staff is main the way in which in utilizing new and present gear to decontaminate surfaces that will have been uncovered to COVID-19. Firefighters swimsuit up in Tyvek hazmat gear to spray all surfaces with chlorine dioxide.”Chlorine dioxide has been proven in a number of research and by a number of…

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