Although your vehicle may look clean, it most likely isn’t. The naked eye can’t see micro-organisms. Bacteria, viruses, malodors, and more lurk in the air and on most surfaces. 

Your passengers want and expect more than clean. They expect a vehicle to be free of germs and odors. Now passengers can be fully protected. Using the CLO2 Sanitization and Deodorization System to rid public transportation fleets of unwanted germs and odors is the quick and most effective way to eliminate these micro-organisms.

Our CLO2 Sanitization and Deodorization System is capable of reaching those hard-to-get-to spaces and thoroughly sanitize and deodorize fleet and municipal vehicles. We don’t use harsh toxic chemicals. Even delicate surfaces can be sanitized and protected against germs, allergens, odors, and indoor contaminants. Nothing works as well as our system!

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